Basic parameters:

Air flow 1200 m3/h
Heat recovery efficiency 74 – 94%
Heat recovery capacity 3,0 – 15,0 kW
Weight 65,0 – 67,5 kg
Casing material   expanded polypropylene EPP


OXeN is a heating and ventilation unit with heat recovery. It ensures mechanical air supply/exhaust ventilation without any additional need for air ducts. It’s an easy to mount, energy efficient, ductless ventilation system.

OxeN is a:
• Ductless unit – ensures low investment and operation costs, it is easy to maintain and it is perfect solution for allready existing buildings.
• Independent unit – every unit is equipped with a complete control system, which ensures intuitive and reliable operation of the unit.
• Compact unit – OXeN is ready to use. It does not require any additional installation consoles because it has installation brackets as a standard

There are following types of units available:
X2-W-1.2-V – unit with air heating by fan heater, for on-wall installation.
X2-N-1.2-V – unit without additional air heating, for on-wall installation.
X2-W-1.2-H – unit with air heating by fan heater, for installation under the ceiling.
X2-N-1.2-H – unit without additional air heating, for installation under the ceiling


OXeN meets the demand for units which offer fresh air supply to buildings without the need for additional air duct installation.


The OXeN unit is equipped with a complete control system. It is controlled by single control panel called T-box with a touch screen.


X2-FLOW  –  High efficiency of heat recovery is a result of application of two cross flow heat exchangers. They are made of aluminium and thanks to this are highly resistant to corrosion.

MULTI-FAN TECHNOLOGY  –  Unit is equipped with 2 sections of diagonal fans, each section is formed by 3 fans which allows for steady distribution of the supply air flow on the entire surface of the heat exchanger, effective heat exchange, quiet operation and energy efficiency.

CASING MADE OF EPP  –  Casing of the unit is made of extremely durable and light material. Expanded polypropylene (EPP) provide good thermal insulation, high ability of sound absorption and significant reduction of the total weight of the unit.