CLP wood model boilers induced draft gasification

CLP wood model boilers induced draft gasification

CLP 30-80 (kw)
Technical Features

Wood-Pellets combination boiler. Boiler shell with double combustion chamber and tubes nest; Insulated doors for inspection and cleaning operation; Copper heat exchanger for heat dissipation controlled by thermostatic valve; Electronic board for the working modalities direction; Voltage: 230 V.
PELLET SOLUTION: Cast iron burner with mechanical firebox feeding; Variable speed screew for automatic feeding; Hopper for pellet loading; Primary and secondary combustion air system; Rotary valve to avoid smokes return into the hopper.
WOOD SOLUTION: Reverse flame combustion; Combustion air fan for wood logs firebox; Fan for forced aspiration during the working phase, and for safety operation during the wood logs loading phase.

  • Wood: Manual lighting, combustion phase controlled by combustion air amount regulation.
  • Pellet: Automatic ignition, flame modulation, fire maintenance.
  • Wood-Pellet: Automatic ignition with pellet and automatic change to wood-logs working; in case of wood-logs burnout the electronic control board commutes to pellet working.
Power Table (kW)
Combustibles Materials


Nut shells and almond shells

Olive husks


  • Retards for heat maintenance in the tubes nest
  • Fire fighting system in the hopper
  • Automatic combustible feeding system for crushed combutible materials supplied with electric board and level sensors (min/max)