CSL model firewood boilers

CSL model firewood boilers

CSL 30-100 (kw)
CSL 130-950 (kw)
Technical Features

Three-ways smoke steel boiler with water production for heating; Boiler shell in steel; Doors for internal inspections and boiler cleaning; Frame with cast iron grate; Electric fun for combustion air; Panel with control devices; Voltage: 230 V up to 100 kW, 400 V from 130 kW up to 950 kW.

Power Table (kW)
Combustibles Materials


Wet Wood

  • Retards for heat maintenance in the tubes nest
  • Kit for sanitary water production, (efficiency output: from 20 to 33 kW; complete with exchanger plates, pump circulation, flow switch and three way valve)
  • Tube nest pneumatic cleaning system (cleaning efficiency 60-70%). Compressor excluded from 130 kW up.
  • Multi-cyclone for dust laying in the flue (flue and connections excluded)