Basic parameters:

Max. range 3 m
Efficiency: 800-3500 m3/h
Mass: 18,4-39 kg
Cover: steel coated with polyester
Colour: silver or white


ELiS A air curtain ensures thermal protection of a room. It generates an air barrier in the entire door opening speace. It prevents the inflow of cold air during the winter and the inflow of warm air into the air-conditioned rooms during the summer.

Adjustable air outlet enables the user to set a suitable angle of the air stream.

Fans made of light and durable plastic ensure silent operation of the unit.

Advanced control system make connection of the unit to the intelligent building management system BMS possible.

ELiS A is available in three lengths: 1 m, 1,5 m and 2 m , three versions: cold (without heating), water (with water heat exchanger), electric (with electric heaters) and two colours: silver (ral 9006) or white (ral 9010).


Modern design of the curtain makes it suitable for representative rooms like stores, restaurants, exhibition halls etc.


Basic operation of the air curtain is ensured by built-in connection terminal. Advanced external DRV control system enables communication with BMS and selection of operation mode.


Design – modern design of the unit was developed in cooperation with an experienced team of industrial designers.

Construction – the use of aluminium for the construction of the body of the unit and the  fans made of plastic allow for a significant reduction of weight and noise level of the unit. Adjustable air outlet enables the user to set a suitable angle of the air stream.