Basic parameters:

Maksymalny zasięg: 3 m
Efficiency: 900-3000 m3/h
Mass: 14,5-35,1 kg
Cover: steel, aluminium
Colour: white (RAL 9016)

Short characteristic:

ELiS C air curtains ensure thermal protection of a room. It prevents the inflow of cold air during the winter and the inflow of warm air into the air-conditioned rooms during the summer.

Fans made of light, durable plastic ensure silent operation of the unit.

Simple control system, operation depending on temperature and door opening using one of three steps of fan.

ELiS C is available in three lengths: 1 m, 1,5 m and 2 m, in two versions: water (with water heat exchanger), electric (with electric heaters) in white colour (RAL 9016).


ELiS C air curtains are dedicated for public buildings like markets, sports halls, stores, restaurants, etc. ELiS C air curtains are designed for horizontal installation directly above door openings, which height does not exceed 3 m.

Control system:

Basic control is ensured by built-in connection terminal. Additionally, for version with electric heaters, curtain is equipped with control system ensuring cool down of the heaters after turn off of the unit.

Technology / Innovation / Benefits:

Construction of the unit is made of powder-painted steel. It is in standard equipped with bracket for installation on the wall.