Basic parameters:

Max. range 7,5 m*
Air flow 6200 – 8600 m3/h
Weight 43,0 – 67,0 kg
Casing Galvanized steel**

* Range of vertical, isothermal air stream, at 3 m/s speed limit.
** On customers demand, unit is available in other colours.


ELiS G air curtains are highly-efficient industrial units, which reduce air losses related to air exchange between the building and its surroundings.

Casing is made of galvanized steel and plastic elements.

Adjustable air outlet ensures to set a desired angle of air stream.

Curtains can be combined into larger sets of units and installed in a horizontal or vertical position.

They are available in two lengths: 1,5 or 2 m and in three versions: with water heat exchanger, with electric heaters and so called „cold” version without heating elements.

ELiS G can be equipped with control unit, which enable turning on and off the unit, connecting door switch and thermostat and protecting the fans against overload. Additionally thanks to DRV control system the curtain can be connected to BMS which increases the functionality of the air barrier.


ELiS G air curtains create air barrier in gate openings in buildings like warehouses, halls, logistic centres etc.


ELiS G can be equipped with control unit. S1G is able to power one curtain, S3G is able to power up to 3 curtains. In addition, each of the units is protected against overload. Additionally a door switch, a thermostat and a two or three-way valve can be connected to the unit. 

For special order, there is possibility to equip the unit with control system with increased functionality, which can be connected to BMS (DRV system). There is also possibility to order the control unit, which can control more air curtains.



Casing – made of plastic and steel, which makes it possible to reduce the weight of the unit.

Installation brackets – as a standard units have universal brackets for vertical and horizontal installation on the partitions.