Q. How much does the system cost?
A. Satherm Boiler System’s MSRP start at $9,999.00. The system includes our self cleaning, modulating wood pellet boiler package set up for manual feed.  Options include different sized boilers, auto feed systems, bulk pellet storage and installation.  More about pricing.

Q. Can I install my own system?
A. No. Unfortunately a home owner cannot install his/her own Satherm system. It must be installed by a Certified System Installer.  However, Satherm will work with your local and trusted home heating professional to train them on the installation of our systems.

Q. Are Satherm system only for converting existing diesel systems to wood pellets?
A. No, Satherm offers fully tested and integrated wood pellet boiler packages, complete with bulk pellet storage bins.  Our Satherm boilers are fabricated in Italy for us by two of the world’s leading manufacturers in wood pellet heating: D’Alessandro.and Thermorossi We offer wide range of different sizes of boilers ranging from 6 KW to 100 KW for residential use and four different sizes for commercial and larger load installations we offer line of boiler that can be cascaded for up to any necessary output. Check out our PRODUCTS page for full details and links to our product data sheets.

Q. Can the Satherm boiler be direct vented?
A. Yes, Satherm offers its installers a Power Vent option for sidewall venting the Satherm boiler. That said, most systems use a standard chimney or metalbestos-style of chimney.

Q. What if I want a new boiler/furnace or wish to keep my existing system as a backup, can I still use a Satherm System?
A. Yes! Our Certified Installer will simply install a Satherm boiler system as an add-on to your standard diesel or gas fired boiler/furnace setup. Our installer can set up the Satherm boiler to handle a majority of the heat load as the primary system and have the diesel system as a backup.

Q. How much space is required for the system?
A. The Satherm boilers of with the vacuum feed system installed according heating capacity have different footprint. Additional clearances are required for combustible setbacks and overhead maintenance envelopes. Optional bulk pellet bins can be located up to 30 M away from the boiler and come in various sizes. Depending of your heating needs defined and space for the system.

Q. What kind of new controls are needed?
A. None. The Satherm boiler comes with its own control panel. The system works with ALL of the existing controls of your present system. The Satherm system is controlled by your existing thermostat and will use your existing heat distribution system just as an diesel or gas boiler does.

Q. How does the Satherm system provide heat?
A. When your thermostat calls for heat, the Satherm boiler enters an auto-ignition mode just as your oil furnace does. The Satherm ignition cycle takes approximately 8-10 minutes to achieve maximum heat production. Once the thermostat temperature setting is satisfied, the Satherm unit shuts down and goes into standby mode until the next call for heat.  During the firing mode, if one or more zones are satisfied or come on line, the Satherm boiler will modulate its internal firing rate down to 30% of its total output to match the demand of your system.  This increases overall system efficiency by eliminating start and stop cycling of the boiler.

Q. How are the pellet heating systems sized?
Basically, the heat load is set by current boiler rating and the heat load requirement of your home. Pellet boilers must be sized properly, and not oversized for the installation.   An oversized boiler will cycle on and off many times per day thereby decreasing overall yearly efficiency and wear on the system.  Satherm experts will assist homeowners and installation professionals in properly sizing your pellet boiler.  Most times, the boiler size is much smaller than a diesel or gas system as we design a pellet boiler to run for many hours per day to maximize efficiency.

Q. Does the Satherm System qualify for any tax credits, rebate programs, etc.?
A. Yes, Satherm systems have been qualified for many rebate programs as well as the tax credit. Always consult your tax advisor regarding your personal eligibility.  If there is a rebate program in your area, contact the local program administrator or Satherm and we will work with you to see if the system can qualify.

Q. Where are Satherm systems manufactured?
A. Legacy Satherm systems (D’Alessandro and Thermorossi) are 100% manufactured for us in Italy.

Q. How do I get a certified installer to look at my system?
A. You can contact us for a site visit. Your request will be directed to an installer in your area.

Q. Can my existing boiler be converted, how would a Satherm burner mate to my boiler?
A. No, the Satherm systems are offered only as a standalone wood pellet boiler package.

Q. How will I know how much pellet fuel to purchase?
A. As an estimate, 1 ton of pellets is about equal to 500 Lt of heating diesel.

Q. As a home owner, what does a Satherm system require me to do in normal operations?
A. For a basic Satherm installation, a home owner only has to do simple periodic maintenance.  This requires about 5-minutes of labor, once every 2-3 tons of pellets.  For an average sized home or business, this will be two to three times per year. Once per year, your Satherm Certified Installer will perform a yearly maintenance routine on the boiler, just like any diesel or gas fired system.  The Satherm system has been designed with the homeowner and technician in mind: Maintenance is low, easy and quick!

Q. I want to go away for two weeks in the Winter.  Will the Satherm system provide heat while I’m gone?
A. Yes, Unlike pellet stoves which are always on, Satherm systems only run when there is a demand for heat.  So feel free to set the thermostat to “low” and take off for a week, a month, or however long you have set up your wood pellet storage to last.  Satherm even provides an option that will monitor your system remotely using an internet connection and the mobile phone app. This can be set up to text/email your mobile phone in the event the systems stops running for any reason.

Q. Will a bank and/or insurance company recognise a Satherm system as a source of heat?
A. Yes. Most banks and homeowner’s insurance companies will recognise a Satherm system as a primary source of heat. Satherm systems meet current requirements for a thermostatically controlled, automated central heating system.  In fact, many financial institutions offer special low-interest rate loan packages for renewable wood pellet heating technologies.

Q. Who do I contact to purchase a Satherm System?
A. Please contact with us for a free site visit and quote for your specific installation.

Q. What requirements are there to become an installer?
A. A background in hydronic heating systems, boiler repair and boiler stabilisation is required. In Cyprus, we require our Certified Installers to be licensed plumbers within the state. Satherm Certified Installers must have up to date combustion analysis equipment to set up the boilers and be customer service oriented.  Experience with other wood pellet boiler installations is even better!

Q. How do I become a Satherm Certified Installer?
A. You must meet some minimum criteria: For starters, you must currently hold a technician license to work on central heating systems and solid fuel heating units in your County or City. You then have to be trained by Satherm. Satherm has many options for training including on-site training at our Premises in Paphos through training sessions.

Q. I’m off the grid, how much electric does the Satherm system draw?
A. A fully automated Satherm boiler with vacuum transfer system requires a 10A (230V AC, 50Hz) circuit to operate.  The vacuum is the largest consumer at 8 A, but will only run for 30-50 Seconds at a time, 4-5 times per day in normal heat load situations.