GSA Model

GSA Model

GSA 40-80 (kw)
GSA 130-230 (kw)
Technical Features

Three-ways smoke warm air generator; Generator shell and tubes nest in stainless steel like all the other surfaces in contact with high temperatur; Doors for internal inspections and boiler cleaning; Cast iron burner with mechanical feeding system; Cylindrical combustible feeding hopper with mechanical stirrer; Variable speed screew for automatic feeding; Primary and secondary combustion air system; Plenum with slots diffuser or with connection for air flue; Centrifugal fun for air diffusion; Fire-fighting system; Voltage: 230 V up to 80 kW, 400 V from 130 kW up to 230 kW.

Power Table (kW)
Combustibles Materials


Nut shells and almond shells

Olive husks


Wood Chips

  • Electronic board for combustible automatic ignition, fire maintenance and modulation for GSA 40-80 model
  • Electromechanical control board with fire maintenance for GSA 130-230 model
  • Electromechanical/electronic combined control board for combustible automatic ignition, fire maintenance, modulation for GSA 130-230 model
  • Ashes extractor device
  • Retards for heat maintenance in the tubes nest
  • Automatic combustible feeding system supplied with electric board and min/max screw level gauges on the hopper
  • Rotary valve (to prevent flame return into the hopper)
  • Multi-cyclone for dust laying in the flue (flue and connections excluded)