Kokkola® satisfies the natural need to feel loved and protected; the dancing flames are the perfect balance of warmth and comfort.
For houses in cities or in the countryside, near the sea or in the mountains, Kokkola® is the air-ducting pellet stove that furnishes your home with elegance, having delicate flowers decorations and high quality manufacturing.
Some precious details like materials used, from cast iron to precious ceramics handmade by master craftsmen, make the design of Kokkola® very refined and elegant.
The predisposition for the top central smoke outlet, together with the innovative cast iron sliding top access to the pellet tank bring a touch of contemporary to the traditional style.


1- Central flue outlet, on the rear side or on the top
2- Programming control panel, with remote control
3- One rear hot air ducting outlet
4- Precious handmade majolica by master craftsmen
5- Cast iron sliding top access to the pellet tank
6- Removable door handle Essential design and added safety
7- Cast iron burner
8- The refined raised base facilities the cleaning operations