Basic parameters:

Heating capacity 14 – 87 kW
Air flow 1300 – 6500 m3/h
Weight 39,7 – 73,7 kg
Colour silver
Casing  steel + aluminum


The heating and ventilation unit LEO KMFB is designed for operation indoors. It is the easiest way to create a mechanical ventilation system in the building.

Heater is made of light and durable material – expanded polypropylene (EPP).

Modular design of mixing chambers makes it possible to assemble it in various configurations. Thanks to this the unit gives many installation possibilities.

Unit has as a standard equipment an EU3 class filter. It also can be equipped with optional EU4 class filter. Filter can be placed in the mixing chamber in such a way to filter only the fresh air or fresh and recirculated air.

Chamber is equipped with fresh and recirculated air inlets. Thanks to throttles adjustment it is possible to recover the heat from recirculated air.

LEO KMFB with UVO roof fans and KTS control system create complete mechanical ventilation system. More information about complete heating and ventilation solutions for buildings can be found in FLOWAIR SYSTEM overlap.


The heating and ventilation unit LEO KMFB is suitable for buildings with medium and big cubatures like industrial halls, warehouses, shopping areas etc.


LEO KM unit has a complete control system KTS (as a standard equipment). A 0-10V actuator enables smooth regulation of the air throttles, while an antifreeze thermostat protects the heat exchanger against freezing.


Construction – modular design (3 parts) enables installation in various configurations. Equipped with EU3 class filter, which filters the air supplied into the room. Available in two versions: galvanized or powder painted.

Control system – easy to use and economical KTS control system.