Basic parameters:

Thermal load 15-93 kW
Heating capacity 15,6-90,2 kW
Nominal air flow 8250 m3/h
Weight 55-122 kg


Gas heater designed for indoor installation. Available in 4 versions with heating capacities ranging from 15,8 to 93 kW.

Modulated burner and fan speed ensures high efficiency of the unit and low power consumption.

Condensing technology used in the unit ensures up to 105,7% of efficiency, which makes it comparable to the best condensing boilers on the market.

The heaters have as a standard equipment a digital chronothermostat, a siphon for condensate discharge a set of nozzles for liquid gas.

There are various types of chimney packages recommended for the heaters – horizontal, vertical, concentric and separate. There are also available various elevation endings – protective caps.


The G series heaters can be installed in such a buildings like workshops, factories, shopping areas, exhibition halls, sports halls and fitness centres.


ROBUR G has as a standard equipment a digital chronothermostat, which enables to set 3 separate temperature levels (comfort, reduced and protective).


Savings – modulation of the flame and the air flow ensures high efficiency of the heater and low power consumption. Application of condensing technology enables to reach even 105,7 % of efficiency.

Construction – burner made of stainless steel is controlled by advanced control system and thanks to this reduces almost entirely CO and NOx emission.

The floor effect, which is achieved through the special design of the heat exchanger (different distribution of temperature and air velocity in different places of exchanger), allows to effectively keep the warm air in the zone occupied by the people and to avoid significant temperature stratification in the room.