Basic parameters:

Thermal load 23,08 – 80 kW
Heating capacity 21-73,60 kW
Nominal air flow 8500 m3/h
Weight 66 – 165 kg


ROBUR M KM is a heating and ventilation unit designed for indoor operation. It is the easiest way to create a mechanical ventilation system in the building.

Combining the unit with air duct installation makes it possible to distribute warm air into the selected areas of the room. Application of the mixing chamber ensures air exchange in heated room.

Combustion chamber ensures safety and long, reliable operation due to assembly with exchangers without welding.

Possibility to combine the mixing chamber with additional equipment – flexible adapters, filters etc. Special control system makes it possible to operate with other elements of heating and ventilation system like roof fans etc.

There are various types of chimney packages recommended for the heaters – horizontal, vertical, concentric and separate. Various elevation endings – protective caps are available.


The M KM series heaters are perfect for heating of buildings with medium and big cubature like warehouses, production halls, shopping areas etc.


The M KM unit is equipped with control system, which controls throttles of mixing chamber and also can control roof fans (if provided).

The basic control system consists of:
• power and control board,
• proportional throttles actuators,
• throttles opening degree adjuster.


Construction – modular design. Unit is equipped with cassette filters, which filter the air supplied into the room (separate filters of the fresh and recirculated air).