Basic parameters:

Thermal load 20,6-72,5 kW
Heating capacity 18,3-63,8 kW
Nominal air flow 7800 m3/h
Weight 55-133 kg


Gas heater designed for indoor installation. Available in 13 versions with heating capacities from 12,8 to 63,8 kW, equipped with axial or radial fan.

There are M 2V versions available with two heating capacity levels.

The Mxt version can be installed outdoors. Outdoor installation ensures total or partial fresh air supply depending on conditions in the building. Outdoor installation also saves the place inside the building.

Combustion chamber ensures safety and long, reliable operation due to assembly with exchangers without welding.

The floor effect, which is achieved through the special design of the heat exchanger (different distribution of temperature and air velocity in different places of exchanger), allows to effectively keep the warm air in the zone occupied by the people and to avoid significant temperature stratification in the room.

There are various types of chimney packages recommended for the heaters – horizontal, vertical, concentric and separate. There are also available various elevation endings – protective caps.


The M series heaters are perfect for heating buildings with medium and big cubature like industrial halls, sports halls, warehouses, sacral buildings, shopping areas etc.


The M series heaters have as a standard a summer/winter operating mode switch with an integrated signalling and alarm reset function and a set of nozzles for liquid gas.

The M 2V series heaters have as a standard summer/winter operating mode switch, ECO/MAX heating capacity switch, alarm reset function with its signalling and a set of nozzles for liquid gas.


Availability – wide range of versions – there are 13 versions available with different level of efficiency and heating capacities.

The M 2V version is equipped with 2-step fan and 2-step burner.

The MC versions can be combined with the mixing chamber or air duct installation.