Service – Industrial

Service – Industrial

VMG Satherm technical support and engineering teams help heating professionals, architects and engineers with applications, designs, diagnostics, questions and installation details.

Each of our tech support team members has many years of experience in the heating industry, including time in the field.

This valuable experience enables each member of the team to better understand the issues and provide appropriate solutions as quickly as possible.

Study for building heating with Pellet systems

The heating study is done in 2 steps.

In the first step, the calculations of the thermal loads of the building for different seasons are made, in order to estimate the power in kW which the heating system must have. For existing installations we are taking into account the monthly fuel consumption of the last five years and the onside measurements carried out by our highly trained technicians with modern ultra sound calorimeters.

In the second step after the calculations, we select the boiler with sufficient kW output  to be installed in the building. To ensure the maximum fuel economy, the boiler should operate beyond the half of its nominal power. If the fluctuations of thermal needs are not sufficient from one boiler, in addition comes the second or even  third boiler, capable to satisfy all the requirements. A dimensioning assessment is also done for individual components of the system such as pipe diameters, pumps, radiators, thermofans and underfloor heating pipes. The efficiency and economic heating of the building areas, without any unnecessary over-dimensioning of the system depend on those studies.

Installation of pellet heating and construction of pellet silo.

The installation of heating systems starts directly as frequently usable nominal power systems are in stock at VMG Satherm’s warehouse.

Alongside manufactured silos for storing pellet fuel with capacity capable to cover the boilers feed needs for a period of at least one month. Pellet boilers can also be installed in existing engine rooms parallel with diesel or gas fuels to offer the customer the choice between fuels and to offer more energy security.

24-hour internet and on the spot heating systems support

For every business, the priority is to ensure the reliable operation of the plant equipment and the best possible technical support  required. That’s why technical support is the strongest asset of our company.

The technical support starts from the manufacturer factory in Italy

D’Alessandro is one of the leading heating systems manufacturers worldwide. Beyond their systems excellent quality also comes their excellent issue support. Having the location in Europe has a lot of advantages as parts or updates come within days.

And the quality continues in VMG Satherm.

The technical support of pellet heating systems is provided by accredited factory technicians. VMG Satherm supports all of its customers directly by live presence of technical personnel for 24 hour average basis. For any non-smooth operation of the system, our engineers will visit the site to restore the smooth functioning of the system, immediately after they receive a customer’s call.

Updates and operation settings of the system are done online from VMG Satherm’s head office and when necessary by the Italian manufacturer.

Bulk Wood Pellet Delivery

bulk-wood-pellet-truckBulk wood pellet delivery provides the same level of convenience as a diesel system, but in small premises bulk delivery is not yet an option. As more homes are converted to wood pellet central heating it will become more attractive for bulk wood pellet delivery. Until the industry grows in your region bagged pellets are the only option for switching to wood pellet central heating. VMG Satherm has anticipated the need to bridge this gap and builds hopper from 2000 Kg that is made to hold pellets. Once filled the hopper holds enough pellets to whole heating season of hands-off, thermostat-controlled heating.

Bagged Wood Pellet Delivery

You can find bagged pellets at VMG Satherm stores or at a local farm store or even big box stores. These are typically delivered on pallets by the ton and stored in any dry location.  Sometimes the homeowner is responsible to load the hopper, but this could be part of your service contract with your heating professional. That contract also typically includes clean out service since wood pellets require more frequent cleaning than diesel. In many instances clean out and loading of the hopper is done by our company.

One of these options will likely be very affordable given the savings you will realize from heating with wood pellets compared with diesel.

Ash clean out services

Wood pellet truckThe ash cleaner which is used to collect ash from boilers is a very compact mobile suction unit. Its convincing suction performance makes it possible to convey suction material at considerable conveying rates over long distances with diameter 100 flexible hoses. The high-tech filter system with three serial separation steps and pneumatic AirShock® filter cleaning device guarantees a continuously high suction power even for difficult types of dust. The collection container is lifted hydraulically in its working position and discharges the suction material into BigBags or open containers.


Personnel training facility

As industry leaders in the supply of wood pellets appliances, VMG Satherm recognise the need to provide quality training courses to companies and peoples working in the biomass industry.

Our modern training facility is the Cyprus ’s largest dedicated biomass training centre. With over 500m2 dedicated to demonstrating modern wood pellet heating solutions and providing an unrivalled level of training to heating engineers across all levels of the industry. Our training centre is fully equipped with showrooms, presentation areas and a wide range of installed fully functioning demonstration appliances.

Training is an essential part of ensuring that installers, investors and consumers are fully confident with the technology. A comprehensive range of VMG Satherm Product Overview & Technical Training courses are available from our custom built training centre in Aga Varvara industrial Area, Paphos.

Whether you are an installation engineer or a consultant, in-depth product knowledge foundations are essential.

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