Service / Maintenance

Satherm ltd possesses modern, technical and storage resources. The Company also have highly qualified personnel who have been trained from enterprises of various pellet equipment and systems manufacturers.

Satherm ltd has a lorry for transporting the pellets and for the removal and disposal of ash from industrial boilers. The latest generation of lorry have been manufactured at the company «Mercedes-Benz» by a special order from Satherm ltd for its personal use.

Satherm ltd offers industrial boilers of the high est quality only; the boilers are highly equipped with all the modern features and the ability to be controlled remotely via the Internet.

Satherm ltd and the boiler manufactures are connected via internet on a single network, to manage technical issues (technical management).

Our clients have a 24- hours service for 365 days of the year. Equipment and systems are being purchased from Italy, Germany, Austria, Finland and Sweden who are the leaders in manufacturing of domestic and industrial stoves and boilers in Europe.

The Company delivers, installs and offers commissioning services to customers who purchase domestic boilers and stoves. Technical support and consultation is provided seven days a week, delivery of pellets at home, seasonal maintenance of boilers and stoves is undertaken. Also other needs of our customers are gladly fulfilled by the Satherm ltd personnel.