Service & Maintenance


Service of your VMG Satherm wood pellet heating system is provided by our factory-trained, certified installer. VMG Satherm supports our community of installers with 24/7 live-person tech support. If you are a homeowner, and are interested in having a free site visit and receiving a free quote, please contact us and we will set you up with our local VMG Satherm Certified Installer.


Whether you choose bulk or bagged wood pellet delivery, all wood pellet heating systems produce ash and therefore require more frequent clean outs than a diesel system.  Emptying the ash box takes about 5 minutes is usually performed two or three times per year.

Many VMG Satherm installers offer a service contract for these clean outs, but many homeowners choose to do it themselves.  We have also seen customers who call on maintenance staff, a property manager, a local handyman, or chimney sweeps to do the clean outs.  This is indicative of the emerging wood pellet heating industry—instead of a one-size-fits-all process (and cost), there are a range of creative options that have the added benefit of creating jobs and supporting local economies.

Ash Clean Out Services

The ash cleaner which is used to collect ash from boilers is a very compact mobile suction unit. Its convincing suction performance makes it possible to convey suction material at considerable conveying rates over long distances with diameter 100 flexible hoses. The high-tech filter system with three serial separation steps and pneumatic AirShock® filter cleaning device guarantees a continuously high suction power even for difficult types of dust. The collection container is lifted hydraulically in its working position and discharges the suction material into BigBags or open containers.

A (very) quick history of central heating systems

Prior to 1900, homes were room-heated by burning wood in a brick fireplace or Franklin stove.  It was around then that coal furnaces and steam radiator technology was combined to bring heat to every room from a single, central source, but that still required constant stoking of the coal fire in the basement.  It wasn’t until around 1935 with the development of oil fired heating that people were free of attending to their heating needs several times a day.

Over these past 80 years, oil heat has provided a convenience unimagined in the prior 5,000 years of recorded history.VMG Satherm has configured their systems to meet this expectation of convenience.

Leaving your VMG Satherm wood pellet heating system unattended

One of the questions we often hear is “what if I want to go away on vacation?”  Unlike pellet stoves which are always on, VMG Satherm systems only run when there is a demand for heat.  So feel free to set the thermostat to “low” and take off for a week, a month, or however long you have set up your wood pellet storage to last. VMG Satherm even provides an option that will monitor your system remotely using an internet connection and the mobile phone app. This can be set up to text/email your mobile phone in the event the systems stops running for any reason.

Pellet Quality Matters

Quality in wood pellets varies based upon the grade of fuel you choose as well as the manufacturing process the pellet mill uses to refine their wood feed stock. The quality of the wood pellet has a direct effect on the amount of ash produced.
The European Pellet Council   maintains the Europe Standard for wood pellet fuel incorporating a grading system of Super Premium, Premium, Standard and Utility for wood pellets.  The retail market focuses on Premium and Super Premium pellets, and the primary difference between the two is ash content.  Super Premium pellets contain 0.5% while Premium pellets contain twice that amount (1.0%) of ash content.

If you are a homeowner, and are interested in having a free site visit and receiving a free quote, please contact us and we will set you up with your local VMG Satherm Certified Installer.